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Continuous laughter from beginning to end. Mr. Uuh is a hustler, fashion icon, and a self-proclaimed private investigator who's mission is to clean up the streets of Georgia and make money.

Written and Produced by
Flash Entertainment, Inc.
Filmed and Directed by
Schiller Productions, LLC
This movie is rated E.

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Flash Entertainment, Inc. was established in February 17th 2007, reaching out to undiscovered actors, singers and models. We the company, offers the necessities of opportunities for entertainment through out the nation. Our objective is to reach out to those of any caliber with the talent to entertain in the field to which their skills are brought out. We are building a strong foundation in the company to expand through out the years of Stage Presence and TV entertainment.

Life in a flash, time is running out. Live every day as if you had no tomorrow. We don’t have time to stop and focus on our neighbor’s lifestyle. Funny how some people choose to run into situations that don’t even concern them, and let them get the best of them. We spend too much time worrying about life’s problems. All we need to do is take them to God, and he will take care of them in a flash.

Flash Entertainment seeks to become a high quality film company in the Atlanta area. FEI is also reaching out to undiscovered actors, singers and models, giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent.

flash entertainment inc.

flash entertainment, inc.
I'm Just Going to the Store, Honey

flash entertainment, inc.

A Lesson Learned
for Young Regina

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